Building Surveys Surveyors South East London

Building Surveys Surveyors South East London

Building survey services in South East London, Streatham, Brixton, Peckahm, Lewisham and neighouring areas.

This is the most comprehensive type of survey. It is suitable for any building. It is especially recommended for older buildings, those constructed out of unconventional materials, properties which have had alterations, or properties which you intend to alter or renovate. The report will detail the nature and extent of the defects identified, discuss appropriate remedial works and suggest time scales for the repair works.

Why use our surveying services in South East London:
  • Our reports are specific to the property and the elements in the property, we do not use standard phrases which could relate to most properties along the road that do not give clear advise on that element.
  • The inspection and report is produced by Barry Wolfenden who has extensive experience.
  • Our mission is to make you fully aware of the condition of the house, we do not want to put you off the purchase we want you to be aware of the condition.
  • If there are cracks or structural issues we will try to guide you on the works and recommend remedial action, we do not state refer to a structural engineer if there are cracks in the structure.
  • We are happy to discuss the report after you have read it and clarify any of the points.
  • We can recommend architects and structural engineers for any alterations or extension. We know trusted local trades persons to assist with any works you are undertaking.

Building Surveys Surveyors South East London

We have reported on properties ranging from small one bedroom flats up to London residences circa £50m. We have undertaken inspections on numerous houses in Keston Park, Farnborough Park, Blackheath and Chislehurst. These range from standard large house to unique properties up to £10m.

Commercial properties include large nursing homes, factories, office blocks, shops and shops with residential premises.

The report you receive will be thorough and very detailed. Don't be put off if it seems to list a lot of defects - every house has some defects, we will comment on anything discovered. With the services we will comment on the electrical installation and highlight any potential concerns, start the heating system, lift drainage inspection chamber covers whilst running taps and comment on the water installation. If there are concerns with the drainage we will recommend further investigation.

If you wish to extend or alter the property you are buying, please advise what your proposals are before we carry out the survey and we can offer general advice on the property’s suitability together with any special considerations that may need to be taken into account. This could include precautions such as drainage, trees, possible planning restrictions, adapting services with loft conversion works and guidance on Party Wall Matters. This is included in the service.

If your mortgage company has specific concerns these will be covered in the Executive Summary.

If you are proposing to carry out any alterations such as removing internal walls we should be able to advise if it is load bearing or not, and give guidance on any potential strengthening works required.

We are willing to meet clients at the property towards to end of the inspection to discuss the findings.

Unless specifically requested prior to carrying out the building survey in South East London, no Market Valuation or Insurance Reinstatement Assessment are included in the Building Survey. However, these can be added to the report. The Survey can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual Client.

We will advise on insulation and advise on options to increase the thermal capacity of the property.

The contents of the building survey report in South East London include:
  • Executive Summary
  • Property Description
  • External Building Inspection South East London
  • Internal Building Inspection South East London
  • External Boundaries, Gardens, Garages, Outhouses and Sheds
  • Services
  • Photographs to highlight the defects

Please contact us today in South East London for more information and to arrange for a FREE no obligation quote. We offer commercial and domestic surveying services South East London, Streatham, Brixton, Peckahm, Lewisham and neighouring areas.


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